A Word About Our Homemade Mexican Menu
We use only fresh herbs, spices and the finest ingredients. That results in a great selection of the best Mexican food this side of the Rio Grande. If you accompany anything on our menu with one of our famous handmade margaritas, you are guaranteed to have an evening you won't forget.

The Original Burrito

Back in the day (1979) before there was Margaritagrill, Chuck’s handmade this burrito behind the bar. It was so good & so popular we decided to become one of the first restaurants in the northeast to serve Mexican fare in 1982. This burrito is ground beef, black beans, sour cream, lettuce & tomato. Rolled in a giant soft flour tortilla. Baked to perfection & served with our award-winning salsa.



Ground beef or chicken, topped with our special sauce and loads of melted cheese


Burrito Supreme

A choice of ground beef or chicken. Topped with our special sauce, loads of melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and sour cream


Taco Combo

Any two of your favorite tacos (fish, shrimp, pork, chicken or beef) served with a side of chili or fries


Quesadilla Extravaganza

A big baked flour tortilla filed with chicken or beef. Then we add diced tomatoes, green chilis and olives. Served with sour cream


Spinach, Tomato & Mushroom Quesadilla

A big baked flour tortilla filed with fresh whole leaf spinach, fresh cut mushrooms, diced tomatoes, a blend of Jack & Cheddar cheeses and sour cream


Margaritagrill Combo

A toasted beef taco, 2 baby chimichangas and a chicken burrito