Soup & Salads

The best sandwiches in Auburn MA!

New England Clam Chowdah

Thick & creamy. Seasonal.


Homemade Baked Onion Soup

Baked with a homemade Parmesan crouton and melted Swiss, Provolone and Parmesan cheeses


Homemade Jailhouse Chili

Starts off sweet & ends with a nice kick


Mexican Side Salad

Shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese & olives


Tossed Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan cheese & croutons. Add chicken for $5


Baja Shrimp Salad

Avacado, corn, black beans, cherry tomatoes & sauteed shrimp on a bed of Romaine lettuce. Served with mango salsa


Taco Salad

A crisp tortilla shell filled with specially seasoned ground beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream